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This site mainly functions as a portfolio and programming improving project for me. I will add different features though, these you will be able to utilize! :)

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- The most prominent features are my Login system and my File Sharing Service

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2018-07-07 23:03:59

Still alive

Hello interwebz!
Just letting you all know that I'm still alive and well. It has been years since my last update on this website even though I changed a few things now and again. Work is taking much of my time but every once in a while I hope I get the chance to fiddle around on this website of mine. The big thing I really want to get going is the expansion of the filesharing service. Hopefully I can find some time soon to work on it.
I also opened up my message board so you're now able to leave a message even without creating a user (Even though that's no hassle at all). So I hope to hear from other than the spambots in the future!
- Rasmus

2015-11-16 19:59:17

Update on my Computer Science AP final project

We have been working hard on our final project and have had our first release.
There is still a long way to go and since we rely on user feedback I have been working on a homepage for our program. On this page people can read about our program, download it, deliver feedback, subscribe to news and upload pictures they have made in "Glitchy". Have a look here!
- Rasmus

2015-11-03 21:00:00

Update to the filesharing service & Final project

I'm "working" (Not so much lately) on adding passwords to uploaded files and the ability to share files with only certain users. After this has been implemented the "Download" page of the the filesharing service will also be filled with downloads shared with or uploaded by you. (If logged in of course).
But at the moment most of my focus is on my final project for my studies. This project is a special kind of image editor - but more on that later. Just thought I would share a quick update even though no one is gonna see it! ;) Also wanted to see this blog thingy in action (Not really interesting with only one post!)
- Rasmus

2015-10-15 23:15:04

A lot of new things!

Recently I decided to try and recreate the site in English. So from now on, everything will be in English and I will slowly be rewriting stuff to English. Not everything yet though.
I have also rewritten my entire PHP back-end to a more cleaner code with focus on reusability and performance.
Meanwhile I rewrote my user system: All passwords are now encrypted (with random salt) so neither I or anyone else can get it! It is very secure now!
Lastly I have added an all new feature to this site: File sharing! Visit dl.codemouse.dk to learn more - or look under portfolio. More features will be added soon, and created users will have benefits!
This news/Blog thingy here is also new!
- Rasmus :)