Mixed projects; Javascript (JQuery), PHP, MySQL og Java applets.

Alot of these projects are old and outdated and probably wont even work. I mainly focus on the php side of things now here on my webpage.
Like: File Sharing Service or funny creative projects like: Glitchy, Cookie
Updates will be on the front page.

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PHP Projects

CS AP - Final project homepage
This is a website made for our final project.
It allows those interested to read about our program, subscribe to news and upload pictures
File sharing service - PHP
File sharing service where you can upload and download/share certain files. Try it!
User / Log in service - PHP
Log-in project where I'm using PHP and MySQL.

Message board project - PHP
a "message board" where people can leave me a message - I have used PHP and MySQL.

Polls / Afstemninger - PHP
Mulighed for at opsætte en afstemning. Her vil jeg gøre brug af PHP og MySQL.

Java projects

!! Java 8 no longer accepts self-signed applets to be run, only bought certificates are ok. Therefore you have to add the URL of the page ex.: http://codemouse.dk/snake_multi to your 'Exception List' inside your Java config - security settings. This is a hassle, but will have to be done untill I get a certificate. Here is an intricate guide on how to add the URL to your exception list: guide

You may have to open this in Internet Explorer, Firefox or alike - since Chrome no longer supports NPAPI, which java applets rely on

Spil; Universe - Java
Et spil jeg har udviklet i Java. Popper op i sit eget vindue.
add http://codemouse.dk/universe to your exception list

Spil; Snake - Java
Et snake spil.
add http://codemouse.dk/snake to your exception list

Spil; Multiplayer snake! - Java
En udvidelse af mit Snake spil.
add http://codemouse.dk/snake_multi to your exception list